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Shivam Freight Cargo Packers and Movers in Undri Pune

We are the Best Packers and Movers in our area Undri Pune. If it is said that changing the house is very heavy work then it will be not be wrong. While on the one hand we need to take special care of our particular goods, while thinking about the wear and tear of the goods, the mind also gets upset. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to choose the best Packers and Movers in Undri Pune.
Providing these services since a decade in this field for a number of Transportation & Relocation services. Shivam Freight Cargo Packers and Movers in Undri Pune has years of experience in this field of Relocation & Shifting. We at Packers and Movers in Undri Pune can help you transfer or shift your household goods from Undri Pune to any destination in Pune or any other city in India or any Country in entire world with safety at priority.
We have a realistic team of professionals in Moving & Packing, Loading & Unloading and Transportation of your expensive goods with care. Packers and Movers in Undri Pune goes behind the intercontinental principles which give surety that the goods are relocates carefully without any smash up. We at, Packers and Movers in Undri Pune has experienced employees to take care of your goods in Packing and Moving Services in Undri Pune.
Shivam Freight Cargo Packers and Movers in Undri Pune are one of the best firms providing the services for any type of packing and moving works. We are providing highly affordable and effective services to make your work easier. There are various reasons which make us the most demanded Packers and Movers firm in Undri Pune.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is to meet all the packaging and relocation requirements of our customers with extreme exactitude and in time. Our enterprise is to provide our customers with a cost efficient solution.

Our Vision

Wide-ranging cost analysis along with the best mode of Packing and Moving, all of it combined with helpful suggestions. Packers and Movers in Undri Pune supervise company with a team of highly enthusiastic and experienced members.

Why Shivam Freight Cargo Packers Movers is the best firm for your work?

We are using highly effective tactics to do the desired work. We are using the best tools and moving strategies for these crucial works. With our support, your work will be done easily without any hassles. Some of the features of our services are as follows.

Quick Delivery

With our great transportation mediums and best movement practices, we will give you the fastest services. Your assets will be delivered to the desired place easily in very less time. Once you choose us for your work, our expert team will do the necessary audits and start working as soon as possible. Once the necessary audits are done, our packing and moving teams start doing their work. These processes happen in very less time. In this way, we help our clients to get superfast services easily without any problem.


We are using the best approaches to do your works. Our working strategies are highly efficient and perfect in terms of budgets. With our highly refined services, we have developed the most affordable services for our clients. As compared to the other companies, we are charging very fewer amounts. This is another reason why our services are highly demanded in this industry.

Reliable Service

Not only affordable but our services are highly reliable too. We ensure the total safety of your assets by packing them with the best practices. With the help of best transportation mediums, we make the whole moving process safer. You just have to give your work to us. We will handle every related work.

Experience Staff

Our highly expert and qualified staff is helping us to develop these services. Our staff members are always ready to give you every type of assistance and support services. Ranging from the transportation, packaging, and auditing, we have separate staff for everything. So, whether you need any type of service, we have the best staff to understand your needs and give you the most suitable services. With our high-notch services, we are helping people to make their moves easier than ever. We are able to give you support in the whole city of Pune. We are always ready to give you our advanced support as the best packers and movers firm in the city.

Why We Are Best as Packers And Movers in Undri Pune?

Our work is highly appreciated by our clients. We have received various awards from different organizations. Even after receiving huge praise, we are continuously improving our services. The best practices that we are using for the work are helping us to remain competitive in this field.

Some other highlights of our services are as follows.
  • Fast and Reliable services
  • Highly cost-efficient
  • World-class transportation mediums
  • Best packing solutions
  • Guaranteed no damage to the asset

With our services, it will be easy for you to make yourself free from the hassles of packing and transportation of your assets. You will be able to easily move your assets to any place easily with our support. We will help you through the process of preparation, packaging, loading, unloading, and transportation. Our highly efficient staff is always ready to give you the desired solutions effectively. Whether you are looking to shift your house to a new place or it is an organizational move, we will support you in each way. With our versatile approach towards our work, we will help you to move any amount of things. We have a huge network worldwide by which we can make easy routes for long moves. Also, we have a different type of carrier trucks and ships are enough to make safer and reliable moves to the new places. So, if you are looking for a good company for any type of your move, Shivam Freight Cargo Packers and Movers Undri Pune are the best option for you. We will help you in every type of work related to your move in the most effective manner.

–—–  Working Process  –—–


We provide super fast and secure moving services for House, Corporate Offices, Ware House and Vehicle Transportation, etc.


We have more satisfied customers all over India. They all are happy with our services and the way we work for them “Happy Moving”.


We use the best in class packing materials to protect your goods from any external damage like scratch, moisture or dust.

How Shivam Freight Cargo Packers and Movers in Undri Pune Works ?

Basically we first consider the requirement and then plan the action. Mostly the shifting is related to multistoried from floor to any location within Undri Pune or outside Pune across India. Power costing is decided by the resources available at the point of time when shifting is required.
It’s natural to the relocation is well planned the costing would go down if there requirement is instant the costing will be increased. Shivam Freight Cargo Packers and Movers in Undri Pune looks into to the complete aspect of dismantling and packaging all the household articles including the imported furniture in case of existence. Packaging is done with the highest quality of packaging material and sealing machine.
We also believe in explaining the reason of the costing that we gave and those who have incase been victimised by low quality packaging company understands it better. If the relocation services are related to Inter city and the location is remote the chances of dedicated vehicle would be the best option but even then there should be the quantity of articles to support the dedicated vehicle. If the quantity is less and as the dedicated vehicle going to a remote location there are chances of the costing increasing.
In such situation we use the connectivity network ok and take all care for the articles to reach safely. We still suggest the customer to understand the connectivity issues in case of distance and remote relocation requirements. For being the Best Packers and Movers in Undri Pune Packers comes up with the integrated service. Service is mostly related to the well in advanced plant relocation requirements may be within the city or maybe outside across anywhere in India.
The concept of well planned relocation give the company if free usage of the resources which can be optimised in the current condition to reduce the costing. While recently the normal articles there isn’t any issues but while dismantling the imported delicate sensitive furniture we need to understand the dismantling process and the sensitive points which are likely to be damaged with the little jerk. In this way we are able to get onto the main sensitive points and mark them accordingly so that they are classified from the normal furniture while handling in terms of loading and unloading process.
Once all this is done we shift the luggage from the desired location to the destination where the customer wants to move. We take care of arranging the luggage in the most comfortable way to the customer in terms of placement of the household articles like almirah double bed decoration items sofa re installation of split AC. All the activity is discussed with the customer and his decision and any useful suggestion from our side is given and then accordingly the things are again Re installed and very neatly all the packaging materials are taken back or given to the customer so the things of the relocation becomes very smooth 100% customised manner.

–—–  Customers Review  –—–

I am happy to use the shifting services offered by They are friendly staffs who help me to shift my valuables without compromising on safety. The delivery job is also nice.

Mrs. Soniya Kumari


Excellent job! shivam is a superior packing and moving team, which ensures that the items are packed well for safe transportation. All my goods have arrived safely.

Mrs. Seema Sharma

Bank Assistant

I use recently for the first time. This experience is really good and I am also happy to recommend these movers to others who look for a stress-free and affordable move.

Mr. Kundan Kumar


 I still remember that the four men came to provide full packing and delivery. They were sincere and handled my belongings very carefully. I will recommend them to all who are expecting a budget-friendly move.

Mrs. Kumud Sharma

HR Manager

I am thankful to “” for providing me a customized solution. The products were of superior quality, and the services like collecting, packing, moving, and loading my stuff were also in a timely fashion. 

Mrs. Pornima Raghav


Since the beginning I observed that the staff working at “” was paying full attention towards my requirements. In fact, they were so courteous to ask me if I was having any specific requirement as moving home. 

Mr. Kuldeep kumar

Self Business

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Shivam Freight Cargo Packers & Movers Undri Pune Offer Packing Services?

Yes, Shivam Freight Cargo Packers & Movers in Undri Pune Offers the good packing service and use the best quality packaging material for shifting and protecting the valuables during home shifting. We use top quality Carton Box, Bubble wrap, Stretch wrap and more necessary packing material.

2. Shivam Freight Cargo Packers & Movers Undri Pune are among the Verified Packers & Movers?

Yes, we have been registered with many company are Branded Packers and Movers in Undri Pune and also among the most searched company for Inter city and Intra City Packers and Movers for complete and stress free relocation.

3. How Safe is your moving company for Home Shifting?

We are among the best and reputed Packers and Movers company providing shifting service and commercial transport since 2000. We have provided more than 10000+ local moving, 8000+ Outside moving services,1000+ Office shifting and about 1500+ Car and Bike transport from Undri Pune to all major cities in India with 99% safe delivery record.

4. Can I track my shipment during Transportation Online?

 Currently you can call us and get the status update for your shipment status.

5. Are you among the 24/7 Company for Shifting?

If you unable to find the answer please Contact us and we will aim to respond to your email within 24 hours, Although we usually respond much sooner.

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